Public Safety and Security at St Aloysius College

At St Aloysius College, the highest level of professional public safety for our students, faculty, staff and visitors is paramount for us. 

The management oversees matters related to life safety, crime prevention, and law enforcement and endeavurs to foster a safe learning and working environment every single day of the year.

  • To improve the governance, and especially to improve safety  of women students CCTV cameras are installed at the entrance, library and strategic points in the College.
  • The college gates have full-time security services personnel who monitor the campus and ensure high level of safety for the students and staff.
  • Security staff round the clock to take care of the infrastructure in the campus.
  • The college administration maintains a close, professional relationship with local police departments and, when needed, the response from these departments is always supportive and prompt.

The administration's highest priority is to keep our student and staff community safe. Every year, newer forms of security and safety will be added and the exisiting apparatus constantly upgraded.


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