The Institute has a separate ACADEMIC BLOCK 1.5 lakh SFT wide.

The Academic block has 18 large class rooms, six air-conditioned gallery-type lecture halls of capacity 60 each, and the faculty rooms.

Faculty presence is there on each floor, linking two sections of the class rooms. Each faculty gets a big air-conditioned room, with computer and other amenities.

The walls of the academic block are adorned with priceless paintings donated by Mr Max & Jessie Rasquinha, and the ambience created is very good , and looks like a ART GALLERY.

There is also a ANTIQUE-AUDIO-VISUAL STUDIO dedicated to Mr Joseph & Latitia Lobo, again a gift by the generous donors, the Rasquinha family.

The Antique room has a lot of mementoes and priceless antique pieces, a wide screen TV, DVD player, Audio system etc.

Students can use this room for improving their public speaking skills and for viewing a large collection of DVDs presented by the Rasquinha family.


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