Innovations at St Aloysius College

Research Innovations at St Aloysius College

St Aloysius College, Mangaluru, is a hub of innovation in and around the area. Here are some of the innovations that have made Aloysians across the world proud.

Our Own Frog


Did you know that we have our very own species of frog - named after the college? The Euphlyctis Aloysii. It is a tiny water frog with a mixture of dark brown and green colour found in the rich biodiverse region of the Western Ghats.(

Dr Hareesh Joshy, Professor and Head, Department of Zoology at St Aloysius College (Autonomous) Mangalore, and Prof. Mitusuru Kuramoto, Emeritus Professor, Fukuoka University, Japan are responsible for the find.


  • Dr Raghavendra, Department of  Food Science and Technology: “Wet Processing of Coconut- A Process for Preparation of Virgin Coconut Oil” Indian Patent #443/DEL/2009
  • Dr Raghavendra, Department of  Food Science and Technology: “A Process for the Production of Coconut Beverage” Indian Patent #283/DEL/2009

Other Innovations (Partial List)

  • Dr. Smitha Hegde has launched a website  on “Fern Biodiversity” in collaboration with M.Sc. Bioinformatics Department, AIMIT, Beeri.
  • A MoU was signed by Dr. Smitha Hegde with Karnataka Forest Department to conduct a study and the collection of ferns of the Kudremukh National Park.
  • Dr. Smitha Hegde and Sudha Sajeev (2013) compiled a Field Guide ‘The Ferns of Kudremukh National Park’, funded by the Government of Karnataka, Karnataka Forest Department, Kudremukh Wildlife Division, Karkala. 
  • Students of Zoology Department undertook projects in studying the biodiversity of fish, earthworms, insects and birds of Dakshina Kannada District.

Other Achievements 

  • PhD Programmes: All PG Departments are recognized as research centres by Mangalore University for doctoral studies with 16 faculty as research guides.
  • Research Centre under Tumkur University: St Aloysius Advanced Research Centre is recognized as Research Centre in discipline of Kannada, Bio-Science, Chemistry, English, Economics, Commerce, Management, with 11 staff members as Research Guides.
  • In addition, one staff member of the Hindi Department is a Research Guide under Dakshina Bharath Hindi Pracchar Sabha and three  Staff members are  Research Guides under Kannada University, Hampi 



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