Dr Shwetha Rasquinha
Equal Opportunity Cell
Dr Deena DSouza
Department of Social Work
Dr Lyned Lasrado
Department of PG Biochemistry
Dr Caroleena Janefer
Department of Commerce
Ms Shilpa B
Department of Botany
Mr Alwin DSouza
Department of Pol. Science
Sharon DSouza
Department of Commerce
About the Cell:
Equal Opportunity Cell addresses the issues related to SC/ST, the OBC and minorities and the physically challenged  students on a continual basis.

Functions of the Cell include, 

  • Sensitizing  the college on the problems of disadvantaged groups

  • Ensuring equity and equal opportunity to the community at large in the college and bring about social inclusion  through socio economic programs 

  • Addressing the grievances of the weaker section of society and suggest amicable solution to their problems through counselling 

  • Ensuring barrier free formalities/procedures for admission/ registration of students belonging to the disadvantaged groups of society


Advirsery Committee

Rev. Dr Praveen Martis, SJ
Principal & Advisor
Anti-ragging & Anti Drug Abuse Cell


Dr Roshan Monteiro
Anti-ragging & Anti Drug Abuse Cell
Dr Charles Furtado
Director, Admin Block
Dr Denis Fernandes
Director, Arrupe Block
Dr Loveena Lobo
Director, Maffei Block
Dr Narayana Bhat
Director, Xavier Block
Dr Richard Gonsalves
Director, LCRI Block
About the Cell:
Ragging is a cognizable offence and those who indulge in it or encourage it will be handed over to the appropriate legal authorities as per the guidelines of UGC under the Act of 1956, G O. Ed 122 URC-96 dated on 16-01-1997. 
As per the above mentioned conduct, any individual or group of students belong to St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru, indulge in such action inside or outside the campus & while commuting is punishable as per the provisions of the Act of Central & State Governments, which is considered ragging as a cognizable offence under the law on par with atrocities against men or women, all ill-treatment to person belonging to the marginal section of society. All information regarding this issue, shall be reported to the above mentioned authorities (Advirsery Committee) in person or in writing or through suggestion box. All details will be kept confidential and appropriate action will be taken as per the law.
The Anti-ragging Cell of the college has been taking keen interest in creating awareness among students not to indulge in ragging or any such act as per the provisions of the act.  The cell also initiates to fill the online affidavit for anti-ragging at the beginning of every academic year, especially during first year UG and PG admission, where it is mandatory that students are required to fill the online affidavit to say NO to ragging in the campus. 

Dr Narayana Bhat
Co-ordinator, Staff Grievance Cell
Dr Loveena Lobo
Assistant Co-ordinator, Staff Grievance Cell
About the Cell:
Staff Grievance Cell deals with the concerns, problems or complaints that an employee has about their work, the workplace, or someone they work with — this includes management. Staff may approach the Grievance Cell if at all they have some issue that made them feel dissatisfied and they believe it is unfair and/or unjust on them. Whenever such issues are brought to the notice of Staff Grievance Cell, members of the Cell meet the concerned person and verify the seriousness of the issue and suggest appropriate measures or actions.


Prof. Harsha Paul
Co-ordinator, Student Grievance Cell

Dr Roshan Monteiro
Assistant Co-ordinator, Student Grievance Cell
Dr Aruna Kalkura T
Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences


Ms Jennifer Maria Quadros
Department of PG Commerce
About the Cell:

Dr Renita Maria DSouza
Co-ordinator, Women's Forum
Ms Roicy Rekha Braggs
Department of Hindi
Ms Helma Rodrigues
Department of Commerce
Dr Divya N Shetty
Department of PG Chemistry
Ms Niveditha
Department of PG Commerce
About the Forum:
The Women’s Forum is a vibrant association of St.Aloysius College which addresses various issues related to women and also caters to the needs of the lady students and faculties in the college premises. Frequent meetings are held and various guest lectures are organized to sensitize the female students on issues such as Menstrual health and hygiene, boy – girl relationships, child sexual abuse and POCSO and equality and women empowerment. The students actively participate in various activities conducted for them and also create awareness among students of high school and other colleges by performing  skits, flashmobs and short films. This forum also addresses the grievances of the girl students and help them to provide the counseling services if required in the listening centre of the college.

Dr Zeena Flavia DCo-ordinator
Chairperson, Internal Committee
Dr Manuel Tauro
Dean, Faculty of Commerce
Dr Asha Abraham
Department of PG Biochemistry
Ms Rita DCosta
Office Manager
Mr Udaya
Chief Librarian
Ms Merlyn Martis
External Member
Ms Letitia Nathalia DCosta
Student Council President
Ms Diya Sequeira
Postgraduate Representative
Ms Sudheeksha
Research Scholar, Laboratory of Applied Biology
About the Committee:
This committee was formerly known as CASH – Committee Against Sexual Harassment until the UGC gave directions to form Internal Complaints Committee. 
The college formed the Internal Committee (IC) in August, 2020 on the basis of the UGC (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2015, published in the Gazette of India, New Delhi, Monday, May 2nd 2016. Subsequently, in the light of the amendment vide Gazette notification issued on 9th May, 2016, the name has been changed to Internal Committee.

Plan of Action:
  • To conduct enquiries into all kinds of sexual harassment cases for their redressal within 90 days and encourage a gender-friendly atmosphere for both staff and the students. 
  • To organize gender sensitization awareness programmes for all stakeholders.
The committee comprises of 10 members from various departments, including one external member who runs a Non-Government Organisation and deals with women and child issues.
The committee meets regularly to assess the reports received on account of sexual harassment from various departments.
The committee organizes guest talks and seminars to staff and students to give more information related to reporting of sexual harassment within the campus.

Ms Jennifer Ida Mascarenhas
Counselling Cell
Mr Shimil
Mr Akhil
Ms Sweedal DSouza
Ms Daya Mary Verghese
Ms Mariyam Bhustana

About the Cell:

The Counsellors are also called as the “Professional Listeners” ensure a holistic well-being of students for a fulfilling humane existence. Themission is to achieve enhanced mental health, so that students are emotionally balanced, academically accomplished and socially integrated through the prevention and professional intervention.
To reach out to maximum number of students, having Mental health or otherwise, the College management has appointed 6 counsellors, and they work in different  blocks of the colleges and for different departments.  


Activities of the Cell:

  • Conduct programmes of awareness on Mental Health
  • Identify students in need of Psychological and Emotional support: through student mapping, from the attendance shortage, from backlogs, from behavioral issues referred by the staff. 
  • Equip the students with coping strategies and life skills
  • Provide professional listening and interventions through individual and group counselling. 
  • Help the students to have healthy intra and inter personal relationships.
  • Conduct workshops/talks/Sessions for all students in general, by the Experts on various mental health issues. 
  • Conduct for students therapeutic counselling
  • Refer the students in need of psychiatric treatment, to the Psychiatrist
  • Conduct family counselling.
  • Meet and discuss the cases weekly or monthly basis


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