Laboratory Facilities in the Main Campus
Regular Science Laboratories  :  31
Research Labs                       :   9
Language Lab                        :   1
Commerce Lab                      :   1
Psychology Lab                     :   1
Animation Lab                       :   1

In AIMIT Campus 6 Computer Laboratories are available

  • There are 50 laboratories, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in St Aloysius College, catering to the needs of basic sciences, information technology, Psychology , Commerce & Management and languages.
  • Total Laboratory space available is approximately 6000 Sq. Mtrs out of which the main campus provides a laboratory space of 5300 Sq Mtrs. The AIMIT Campus has an available space of 720 sq. mtrs.
  • The College has been ranked one of the top colleges in science education.
  • Each science department has a well-equipped laboratory with all the necessary facilities.
  • Each of these laboratories offers research facilities for the staff and students.
  • Other than science departments, Psychology, computer Science and Commerce departments also have their laboratories.
  • The College has ensured all necessary steps to complying with the safety standards prescribed by the Statutory Authorities.
  • Laboratory of Applied Biology: Started in the year 1976, the laboratory is the first Research Centre of the College. It has advanced research instruments which are procured through DST, ICAR, DOE, UGC, CSIR, DBT and BRNS. It has a first ever cashew tree and medicinal plants developed through tissue culture. It gives regular training on plant tissue culture to the students and the staff of various colleges and women entrepreneurs.


UG Biological Science Laboratories

Biochemistry Lab

  • Department of UG Biochemistry is with well equipped 1500 Sq Ft laboratory to facilitate student parcticals and research project supported by star college scheme.
  • Basic facilities are available to do research on biochemical aspects: Nutritional biochemistry, bioactivity assessment and molecular biology.
  • Lab is well connected by Wi-Fi.
  • The lab has all the basic instruments, working tables, glasswares and can accommodate 25 students per session.
  • Lab has instrumentation room for biochemical analysis and assays.
  • Laboratory is equipped with fume hood, fire extinguisher, waste disposal unit and exhaust fans.
Microbiology Lab

  • The department of Microbiology (UG) is housed in the Wi-Fi enabled second basement of  Xavier block for Science and Research.
  • The department has an exclusive laboratory of 2000 sq ft carpet area to accommodate a batch of 25 students per session.
  • The work station /area available for each student is  20 sq ft.
  • The laboratory has all basic equipment /instruments and glassware.
  • The consumable needed for many fundamental and applied /molecular experiments are made available in sufficient amounts as and when required.
  • The laboratory has also seating capacity for 35 individuals to be used during instructional sessions and with personal lockers in the working tables.
  • The laboratory equipped with strategically placed fire extinguisher and first aid kit in case of emergency.
  • The laboratory has a separate wash area of 50sq ft and ensuite store room of 500 sq.ft.

Bitechnology Lab

Botany Lab

  • The Department has a well equipped laboratory occupying a space of 3105 Sq.ft, having an instrumentation room and a  museum of 1357 Sq.ft. 
  • The Department possesses  equipments like Microscope with digital photography, Flame photometer, Rotary evaporator,  Mechanical shaker, Laminar air flow, Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer, Incubator, Hot Air Oven, Soxhlet unit  etc.
  • Museum is accomplished with digital herbarium and a collection of about 400 diverse plant specimens.
  • The area of specialization and research facilities include Plant taxonomy, Phytochemistry, Plant Ecology, Biodiversity and Plant conservation, Algal culture and large scale multiplication, Plant microbial interaction, Bioremediation, Ethnobotany and  Bioprospecting.

Zoology Lab

UG Physical Science Laboratories

Chemistry Lab

Electronics Lab

Mathematics Lab

Statistics Lab

Physics Lab

PG Laboratories

PG Biotechnology Lab

PG Biochemistry Lab

PG Chemistry Lab

PG Physics Lab

PG Food Science Lab

Laboratory of Applied Biology


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