Outcomes of Aloysian Education

In keeping with the tradition of the Society of Jesus which runs this institution and the needs of the time, the College aims at the integral formation of its students helping them to become men and women for and with others:

  • through striving for excellence in learning, creative and practical thinking and co-operative leadership, with a stress on both academic and human excellence,
  • inspired by genuine religious and moral values, and
  • with practical awareness of the prevailing social conditions and demonstrate a commitment to the cause of justice.

Thus an Aloysian

  • lives a commitment to justice;
  • acts with a strong self esteem;
  • thinks critically and creatively;
  • communicates effectively;
  • excercises power appropriately;
  • cultivates a positive sense of direction;
  • evokes hope.

A student's education in this institution will be meaningful only to the extent the student personalises and strive after these values and goals.

All that the College can do is to facilitate realization of the student's hidden potential, be a partner with you in the task of integral personality-building, where the student's faculties and qualities will find harmonious development. This entails development in a three-fold dimension: intellectual, physical and spiritual.


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