Star Student Awards Ceremony (Biological Sciences)

Star Student awards ceremony was organized by St Aloysius College (Autonomous) on 21/02/2019. This ceremony celebrates success and achievements of students who have excelled in academics.
Star College Scheme is sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science in order to support colleges and University Departments offering Undergraduate courses to improve Science teaching. The program emphasizes on curriculum improvement and practical training for students. So far 88 colleges have been supported under scheme and St Aloysius College (Autonomous) is one among them. A lot of activities such as projects, seminars, workshops, hands training programs and interdisciplinary activities have been conducted by the college under this scheme.

Through the Star College Scheme, students are provided an opportunity to experience hands on training in complex concepts of various fields of science. The various departments of biological sciences have been able to promote and conduct various research projects and national seminars. Due to the support of the scheme, students are provided access to various facilities like skills in practical training and sophisticated laboratory equipment. A large number of reading material in the form of laboratory manuals, innovative practicals conducted by participating colleges have been generated which have been evaluated by two expert committees and information is being compiled in uniform format for use by all. This small investment made by DBT has paid huge dividends and has led to attracting and retaining students to pursue science courses.

On the occasion of felicitating the students who have excelled in academics, Padmabhushan Dr. B.M. Hegde was present as the chief guest. Rev Fr. Dr. Praveen Martis SJ, Principal of St Aloysius College (Autonomous) and Dr Ronald Nazareth, co-ordinator of Star College Scheme, Dr. John D’Silva Director of Xavier block, Ms Precilla D’Silva, Dean of Biological Sciences and Ms Karen D’Souza, Convener of the program were among the dignitaries.  

Padmabhushan Dr. B.M. Hegde inspired the students to keep away negative thoughts and nurture the positive aspects of life. He spoke of the importance of having a clean mind and how much can be achieved with believing in oneself. He emphasized the need for students to be constantly encouraged and appreciated so they can reach higher levels of success. Teachers are guides who mustn’t be afraid to admit to not knowing the answers to questions sometimes, which serves as a positive to the students to whom understanding and learning seems lighter and easier. Students put in a lot of efforts to reach where they are, and they must compete with no one else but themselves. Comparison amongst students creates a negative atmosphere fueled by jealousy, ego and self depreciation which is not welcome and hinders their development. He highlighted the necessity of having a healthy and sound mind, and thus a healthy body would follow.

The students who have excelled in academics from various courses of biological sciences from BSc and MSc were felicitated by Dr. Hegde. Student achievers who presented papers in international level conferences and those who have acquired scholarships were also awarded.

Rev Dr. Praveen Martis SJ presided over the program. He echoed the words of Dr. Hegde, encouraging the students to put their heart and soul into what they pursue. He expressed his joy and gratitude over the success of the program and inspired the students to reach for more, to think more, and to question more. He spoke of the importance of hard work and wholeheartedly congratulated the students who won.