St. Aloysius (Deemed to be University) hosts TEDxSAC

The inauguration of TEDXSAC ‘KOSEI’ was held at St Aloysius College(Deemed To Be University),in the LCRI auditorium on Saturday, 3rd February 2024.

Kishore Alva, Chief executive and Director of Adani Groups, was the Chief guest of the event, he inaugurated the the event while addressing the gathering with his nostalgic talk on being an alumni of the college.He gave his views on how TED talks helps to bring youth under a platform of exploration and extreme exposure to the the world.

Other dignitaries on the dias included Dr Smitha DK staff convenor,Dr Claret Vinaya  Periera ,co convenor, Vice chancellor in charge, Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ and Rector, Rev Fr Melwyn Pinto SJ. The speakers who attended the inaugural were, Aashna Rai, Neeraj Choudhary, Dikshith Rai, Aarti Malhotra and Major Samar Pal Singh Toor.
The list of 12 speakers for TEDxSAC 2024  includes Pramodini Roul,an acid attack survivor and motivational speaker, Gireesh Sahadev,a television actor,Major Samar Toor, a war veteran ,Neeraj Kumar Choudhary,an internet content creator,Karthik Chennoji Rao,a playback singer and music creator,Dr.Rukhsaar Sayeed,an entrepreneur and Master Chef Finalist.
Dikshith Rai, an entrepreneur and a college alumni,Fr.Saju George SJ, a performer and scholar ,Shekar Naik,a Padmashree awardee and ex captain of Indian Blind Cricket Team ,Vicky Roy,a photographer,Aarti Malhotra,an activist against queer bullying, Aashna Rai, NCC Cadet and Youth Ambassador at YEP in Vietnam.

The third edition of TEDxSAC with the theme ‘KOSEI’  was organized by St. Aloysius (Deemed to be University) Mangaluru was held on Sunday, 4th February 2024 in L. F Rasquinha Auditorium.

There were 12 speakers in the programme

Dikshith Rai, Entrepreneur and the CEO of Codecraft technologies related his journey from being a backbencher to accomplishing his dream of being a business owner. He also spoke of the traits and the mindset necessary for succeeding in the business world. 

Shekar Naik, Former captain of the Indian blind cricket team and Padmashree awardee spoke of converting your disabilities into your strengths and on not losing hopes when faced with difficulties. 

Dr Rukhsaar Sayeed, runner up on MasterChef India spoke on the importance of holding onto your roots. She spoke of her experiences on the platform of Masterchef India which gave her the opportunity to reveal the intricacies of Kashmiri Cuisine to the world 

Neeraj Kumar Choudhary, an accomplished content creator on how it is a challenging task to grab the attention of an audience in 2024. And on how it takes an entire day to produce just 10 minutes of content, which is a daunting task. 
Aashna Rai, NCC Cadet and Youth Ambassador at YEP in Vietnam said that life in camps teaches much about the challenges that life throws at you. Growth does not happen in one’s comfort zone and Individual wins are an integral part of a group's achievements. 

Pramodini Roul, an acid attack survivor and activist said that you need not see yourself as a victim but  rather see yourself as a fighter. More than beauty, it is your confidence and will power that leads you to achieve what you want in life. 

Fr Saju George SJ, a Jesuit priest and a renowned Bharatanatyam dancer said that his Passion for dance has taken him on different paths in life. And that we need to celebrate every little moment of our lives. 

Aarti Malhotra speaking for the mothers, to be moms and children in their fight against bullying said that words are lethal weapons that can shatter a person’s life. We should think a thousand times before we utter something that can hurt the other person and that we should always listen to other’s pain. 

Gireesh Sahdev, renowned TV actor, spoke about there being a difference between reel and real life of an artist and how being an actor has shaped his life and personality. The many insults and challenges that he has faced has led to him  reaching great heights in life, his never-settle attitude being the key.

Vicky Roy, a celebrated photographer said that his life began when he was 11 when joined the ragpickers to earn a living. He used his lens as a mirror to his own life and that of those similar to him.

Karthik Chennoji Rao, singer, songwriter and music producer spoke on how Individuality defines an artist and sets them apart. He spoke of the struggles to make it big in a very challenging industry and how it is worth it. He ended his talk by singing his original Kannada composition ‘Nagu’, a soulful track co-written with his friend Avi.