St Aloysius College hosted TEDxSAC

St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru hosted its very first TEDxSAC event on the 22nd of May, 2022 in LF Rasquinha Hall of the College. Learning is a constant process and this event provided a perfect opportunity to acquire knowledge from prominent people in their professions through their skill-set and experience. TEDxSAC was a special event curated with the finest speakers from the local community with the theme of “Into the Unknown”. It was a journey through the minds of intellectuals to understand concepts that we don’t often hear about. This event was a platform for exchange of ideas and being open to positive changes.

With the aim of growing together as a society and paving the way for development on a personal as well as societal level, speakers from various walks of life were invited to shed light on their experiences in their field of expertise. These speakers included Pankaj Modi, Rahul Jadhav, Shashidhar Dongre, Rama Vaidhyanathan, Rida Gatphoh, Satshya Tharien, Haris Aboobacker and Jasmir Thakur.

Mr Pankaj Modi, a conservation architect by profession who has contributed immensely towards conserving India’s heritage in the past two decades reiterated the importance of preserving our heritage as a vital link to our past and defining a future with the legacy it leaves behind.

Rahul Jadhav, an ex-convict, hit-man and a drug addict who served fair amount of time at the Arthur Road jail in Mumbai rose from the ashes of ruin. He discovered his true passion, which was running that gave him a sense of direction and purpose in life. He delved upon life and the opportunities that one needs to grab to make a real change and carve a path of success for themselves.

Shashidhar Dongre a senior executive at L&T Technology Services who has over thirty years of product development experience, specifically in creating products for several generations of wireless technologies and with a creative flair spoke about science and art fusing in fine arts and dramatics in a revolutionary way.

Rama Vaidhyanathan a foremost Bharatnatyam dancer of her generation. with a performance career spanning more than 35 years, shed light on how dance transcends one from the real to surreal with its art form and mudras. She enthralled the audience with a live performance.

Rida Gatphoh who is a NIFT graduate and the founder of Dak_ti Crafts, a sustainable range of products with the intention to preserve the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Meghalaya prodded the audience to connect with their roots through sustainable living and making the change one wishes to see.

Sathshya Tharien, alumnae of St Aloysius College, an edutainment content creator and an award winning journalist based in Mangalore has won the WAN INFRA South Asian Digital Media Award for ‘Best Project for News Literacy’. Her candour and light hearted talk on the value of regional languages and its importance had the audience glued to their seats.

Haris Aboobacker, a top-rated digital marketing expert in India who is recognised as an early member of LinkedIn Creator Club, founded Haris & Co, a marketing agency generating more than 20 million in revenue. Specialized in performance marketing he spoke about the importance of employee satisfaction which is imperative for their performance in marketing.

Jasmir Thakur a life coach and the Founder Secretary of Sambhavana, an all government certified organisation that flourishes in the spheres of Child Protection, Education, Gender- Diversity & Inclusivity, Human rights and Corporate Social Responsibility, emphasised the need to accept ones individuality at a personal and societal level at large bearing in mind individual rights and aspirations.

The speakers and the audience had the privilege of an interactive session, connecting the audience with the speakers on a personal level.

The event was interspersed with musical and dance performances by the students and faculty that added extra lustre to the program. TEDxSAC provided the best platform of knowledge and learning through the journey of speakers who rightfully led the audience “Into the Unknown”