Revaluation & Rejection of Results - October 2019 Examinations


MANGALURU – 575003

Photo Copy, Revaluation & Rejection of Results

Provisional results of undergraduate examinations of I, III & V Semesters held in October 2019, have been published through the college website.

Candidates who desire to apply for Photo Copy, Revaluation & Rejection of results are required to submit the application in the prescribed format at the specified counter. Only those candidates who sign the internal assessment register are eligible to apply for revaluation. Applications are available at the same counter.

Counters for applying:


Counter number



B. C.A




B.Com /B.B.A

Aruppe block - Office

Fees and Last Dates for Photo Copy, Revaluation & Rejection of result:

Sl. No


Amount in `

Last Date


Photo Copy

` 250 per paper




` 600 per paper



Rejection of Results (including practical examinations)

` 1300 per semester

As per the regulations


  • Application for Photo copying, revaluation and rejection of results shall be submitted in the prescribed format to the respective offices.

  • The prescribed amount shall be paid in Central Bank of India through a challan.

  • The application form & Challan copy are available in the respective offices.

  • Please attach the challan copy to the application.

  • There is no revaluation facility with regard to projects and practical examinations.

  • For rejection of result, please see the regulations put up on the notice board.

  • The date and time for the collection of Photo copies will be announced on the notice board after scrutinizing the applications.

The Regulations regarding rejection of results:

  1. A candidate may be permitted to reject the result of the whole examination of any semester. Rejection of result paper-wise / subject-wise shall not be permitted. A candidate who has rejected the result shall appear for examination conducted immediately following regular examination of the semester concerned.

  1. The rejection shall exercised only once in each semester and the rejection once exercised cannot be revoked.

  1. Application for rejection along with the payment of the prescribed fee shall be submitted to the Registrar (Evaluation) together with the original statement of marks within 30 days from the date of publication of the result.

  1. A candidate who rejects the result is eligible for only class and not for ranking.

Controller of Examinations                                                                   14-11-2019


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