Centre for Social Concern (CSC)

The Vision and the Mission of the college lays thrust on social consciousness. Only a compassionate and empathetic person can be instrumental in the inclusive development of the society. In this direction, the social extension activities undertaken by the college deserve a special mention.

The College has created an exclusive Centre for Social Concern (CSC), which regulates, facilitates and promotes social empowerment activities.

Each undergraduate student has to fulfill social service activity as specified for 20 hours in each of the first two years. The program is titled “Sahaaya”.

Postgraduate students have to spend a minimum one week in a remote village selected for this purpose under “Village Exposure” program actually staying with families accompanied by teachers.

A group of students from St Aloysius College joined with Mangalore City Corporation in an effort to destruct Larvae breeding Sources in the interior areas of Mangalore on 10-02-2019.

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Maleria Eradication Programme


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