Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto, SJ, New Rector of St Aloysius Institutions

After a very short period of the announcement of Fr Dionysius Vaz, SJ as the new Provincial of the Karnataka Jesuit Province, another good news gushes in with the appointment of Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto, SJ as the new Rector of the St Aloysius Institutions, Mangalore.


Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto, SJ

On September 22, 2020 during the Annual Governing Body Meeting of Mangalore Jesuit Education Society, Fr Melwin Pinto, SJ took charge as the new Rector. Though the prestigious, St. Aloysius College felt it hard to part away with Fr. Dionysius Vaz, SJ, the arrival of Fr Melwin Pinto, SJ has filled us all with lots of hope and assurance.

Fr Dionysius Vaz, SJ rendered his selfless service for around four and a half years. He left no stone unrolled to keep up the reputation of the institutions. His love for the poor, it was under  his leadership tremendous relief work was done in and around Mangalore city during the early months of the pandemic. The way he addressed the needs of the economically backward students is noteworthy. His oratory and counselling skills were of par-excellence.

These specifics made it a Himalayan task to find a new leader for the St. Aloysius Institutions amidst several novel challenges. It is indeed a blessing to have Fr. Melwin Pinto, SJ as the new Rector. He is a man with an intellectual depth, extensive public relation skills, experience of working internationally and above all a humane, jovial, approachable and a compassionate person.