St Aloysius College (Autonomous) hereby announces a call from the faculty of Biotechnology, Business Administration (including Commerce) and Psychology, for scholarship under the Erasmus+ Program. Interested applicants should submit their requests to the Foreign Collaboration Cell by Friday, November 29, 2019.

In coordinating the ERASMUS+ PARTNER COUNTRIES KA107 programme, the Universidad Católica de Valencia announces KA107 2019-2020 grants to support staff mobility for training (STT) and teaching (STA) from St Aloysius College (Autonomous) Mangaluru, to come to the UCV during the 2019-2020 under the framework of the ERASMUS+ Partner Countries programme.

This programme aims to accomplish the following:
Staff mobility for training (STT) and teaching (STA)
− Allow administrative and services staff from St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru to learn about the competences and good practices employed in The Universidad Católica De Valencia (UCV).
− Internationalize and enrich the management at St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru via an exchange of competences among administrative and services staff.
− Consolidate the links that exist between the universities that maintain bilateral agreements under the ERASMUS+ framework.

1. The objective of the grants.
The ERASMUS+ PARTNER COUNTRIES KA107 programme grants are designed to cover part of the travel and living costs of the staff from universities in India, with which there is an inter-institutional ERASMUS+ agreement signed for training and teaching at the UCV.
All staff mobility will be subject to the signing of the corresponding inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement between the UCV and the home/host university before starting the mobility stay.

2. Duration of the training period.

The length of the teaching/training period is 5 days, and these 5 days should be consecutive. Weekends and days when no classes are held at the destination will be excluded from the computations indicated in the previous paragraph. Training stays must take place until 30th June 2020.

3. Applicant requirements.

Applicants must be a permanent staff at St Aloysius College ( Autonomous) Mangaluru, at the time of applying and while abroad.
4. Applications
5. Applicants must submit the following documents* to the email address
(applicants must submit submit a hardcopy of their application with the signature to the Foreign Collaboration Cell)

Application Form
CV (2 pages max)
Language Certificate (optional for staff).
Motivation letter (optional).
* This documentation must be sent by email within the time frame established in point 5 “Call deadlines” of this call.
6. Call deadlines: 10 days from the publishing of this call
7. The selection process depends on the home institution

Applications will be considered by the appropriate commission at the home university. The UCV will supervise the process.
The following criteria will be considered when assessing submitted applications:
- The appropriateness of the position that that applicant holds at his/her home university for the activity that he/she will perform at the host institution: 3 points
- The strength of the activities (mobility agreement) presented: objectives of the stay, proposed activities or work plan, and the benefits and improvements that will result from the exchange: 5
- Accreditation of level of language(s): 2 points
Once all applications have been considered according to the aforementioned selection criteria, a decision will be made regarding to whom the grants for visiting teachers or visiting administrative staff should be awarded. All applications will be assessed by an Experts Commission from each thematic field at home university and the lists of the provisional and definitive results will be published on the Web within 15 business days after the close of the call.

8. Amount of the grant.
The European Commission has established a European grant in order to contribute to the travel and living costs during the stays, in accordance with the following criteria:
A) Travel grant – Contribution to the travel costs based on the distance between the UCV and the origin university.
a. Grant amount per participant: (7848.37 km)
i. INDIA: 820€

Distance calculator:
B) Individual grant – €160 per day of the stay (5 days of work + a maximum of 2 travel days)= 160€*7days_ 1.120€

9. Grant payment
Grants will be paid to the beneficiaries by the Universidad Católica de Valencia, according to real arrival and departure dates. The payment of these grants is subject to UCV regulations and Spanish Law.
The aid will be entered directly into the beneficiary's bank account indicated in the grant agreement
and in two phases:
1st PHASE: 80% of the subsidy will be paid upon delivery of the “before mobility” documentation specified in point 11 of this call.
2nd PHASE: the remaining 20% will be paid upon delivery of the “after mobility” documentation specified in point 11 of this call.
Obtaining financial assistance will be subject to compliance with these phases.

10. Rights of recipients
1. To complete the awarded mobility stay in its totality without the possibility of extending the grant.
2. To receive the financial aid (grant) as established in the programme and these terms. Costs that are not covered by the grant are to be undertaken by the recipient.
3. To receive all information and guidance necessary for preparing the stay from both the home and host universities.
4. Recognition of the stay as part of the participant’s education, as set out in the agreements established between the home and host universities.
11. Obligations of the recipient
- Before mobility:
a) The beneficiaries of the grant must send the following signed documents to the International Relations Office of UCV university to :

  • grant agreement
  • Mobility Agreement for Training or Teaching

b) Contract and pay for the insurance that is indicated in the coordination of the programme, and present the receipt of payment and a copy of the policy.

c) Be in possession of a visa that allows for the recipient to complete the stay, if required.
- After mobility:
a) The beneficiary must complete the EU online questionnaire about the mobility, which will be sent automatically by the European Commission after the end of the mobility period. It must be completed within 30 days after receipt.
b) Copy of the boarding pass and the bills of the stay.
c) The beneficiary must visit the International Relations Office of the UCV to collect the Certificate of Attendance which accredits the mobility as having been completed.

Participation in this call implies your acceptance of all of these terms.

Please note that all the forms must be typewritten.



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