Department of English
The department of English was established in the same year when the college became functional. Many illustrious professors like Mr Victor, Mr Sunney Tharappan, Mr Subrahmania and Dr Lourdusamy have contributed greatly to the development of the department. We have a good collection of books in the departmental library and the department has grown significantly over the years and adapted well to the changing times. Currently the department has two staff members with doctorates and two with M.phil degrees. There are at least four ongoing minor research projects in the department and many senior teachers are engaged in presenting research papers at national / inter-national seminars and symposia. They also contribute serious research articles to well known journals on a regularly basis. We offer four different courses: General English, Optional English, Communicative English and Additional English. The Optional English programme was restarted in the year 1986 and the Communicative English programme was started in the year 1996 under assistance from the UGC.
Scope of the subjects/course
  • The “General English” course is offered to all students of BA/ BSc/BCOM and BSW for four semesters and for two semesters for BCA and BBM. The focus here is on acquisition of basic language skills like grammar, syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • The course in “Communicative English” is an optional subject offered with two other major subjects. It has ten papers running through all six semesters. It focuses largely on acquisition of communicative skills of language as applicable in professional situations in corporates, IT related industries, Mass Media and small / medium scale entrepreneurship.
  • The course in Additional English is a compulsory course offered as a substitute for the compulsory second language offered to students of all streams of BA/ BSc/ BCOM/ BBM/ BCA and BSW for first four semesters only. It focuses mainly on teaching students aspects of multiculturalism through reading texts cutting across cultural and national boundaries.
  • “Optional English” is a course offered to BA students only as a major subject running through all VI semesters. It is mainly a course in British literature; a legacy of colonial times however, with each revision of the syllabus we are trying to bring in a blend of theory, history, post-coloniality and texts from all regions of the world. 
We have a well equipped Language laboratory to help students acquire practical speech and listening skills. A teacher is specially appointed by the management to run additional courses using the lab.The departmental library is also a very useful resource for students interested in language and literature.
Activities and seminars
  • January 2008: International Conference in Children’s’ Literature.
  • January 2009: Subaltern Encounters in Indian Literature in English and Translation.
  • January 2010: Nationality, Language and Culture: Contestations in Contemporary English.
  • January 2011: National Workshop on Contemporary Indian Drama.
  • December 2012: National Seminar on : Charles Dickens and Victorian England.
For more info contact:
Ratan Tilak Mohunta (HOD)
Associate Professor, 
Dept of English,
St Aloysius College,
Mangalore 575 003