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Welcome Fr Dionysius Vaz- Head of Aloysian Family

Rev.Fr Dionysius Vaz S.J. has taken charge as the new Rector of Aloysian Institutions at a celebration of Eucharist with the Jesuit Community on 29-04-2016.

Fr Dion Vaz, being the 29th Rector, is an inspiring leader with his vast experience in varied fields. He brings with him spiritual depth, psychological wisdom and social analysis ability to face the challenges of our times. Taking over the reins of St.Aloysius institutions as the new Vice President of Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society, Fr Dion has raised the expectations of people with new hopes and aspirations for the greater glory of St.Aloysius Institutions.

Being an alumnus of the college,Fr Dion Vaz has now the privilege of serving his Alma mater as an executive head. He would be more associated with the activities of the college in his capacity as the Chairman of the Governing Body of the autonomous set-up.

The vigoroustraining he has gone through as a Jesuit, commitment to Jesuit Mission and the spiritual and social wisdom he attained through hard work   have made him stand out as an excellent leader and a valuable guide.    

It is pertinent to know a few facts aboutFr Dion Vaz

  • Born to MrRichard Vaz and Juliet Vaz, Falnir, Mangalore.
  • Primary and secondary education at St.Aloysius College Institutions from 1969 to 1981. Graduated in B.Sc from the college -1994-97. Later pursued his M.A. in Sociology.
  • Joined the Society of Jesus in 1981.
  • AccomplishedJuniorate program at Beschi College Dindigul, Philosophy Studies from JDV, Poona and Theology at Vidyajyothi, Delhi.
  • Ordained a Priest on April 14, 1997.
  • Designated Vocation Promoter and Director at Loyola prenovitiate from 1996-1999
  • Pursued pastoral counseling in Loyola University, Maryland, US from 2000-2002
  • Has been a renowned novice master at Mount St Joseph for seven years from 2004- 2011
  • Headed Jesuit Mission in Vijayapura, in North Karnataka as Mission Superior from 2011 to 2016.

Fr Dion Vaz is anamalgamation of human, spiritual and social qualities. While acknowledging with gratitude the dedicated services of Rev.Fr.Denzil Lobo, the former Rector, Let us offer our Best Wishes to Rev.Fr.DionVaz with an extended hand of support & cooperation.

Message by the Principal, Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ

Parents and Guardians are requested to co-operate with college authorities in enforcing discipline and regularity of study at home. In order that lessons may be duly understood, students should be devoted to study at home. If parents do not insist on regular attendance and home study, the results are surely to be disappointing to them.

Absence from class should be justified by a leave note from the students signed by the parent/guardian. Leave note for long absence due to illness must be supported by a medical certificate. A medical certificate does not automatically entitle a student to be granted attendance.

Absence from college examinations will be considered seriously. Absence, even for one subject should be justified by a written note. In case of illness during examinations, parents are expected to inform the Principal immediately. Re-examination cannot be considered as a matter of right.

Some parents express surprise at the end of the year at the unsatisfactory attendance and progress of their children, in spite of our sending progress reports to them after the examination.

Some students fail to hand over these progress reports to their parents/guardians. Hence parents are requested to come over to the college office and check in case reports are not received by them within reasonable time.

Parents are asked to meet the deans, class guides and other teachers if unsatisfactory progress or poor attendance is brought to their notice. A minimum of 75% attendance is required to complete the course, without which a student is not eligible to take the end-semester examination. They will not be readmitted to the college. We expect parents to participate in parents’ meetings and other activities of the college like Sports, Musical Evening and Annual Prize Distribution Day.

Attendance at Parent-Teacher meeting is obligatory. In case you are not able to attend for a just reason a written note should be sent to the Principal.

Written information will be sent to parents about study tours. Parents are specially asked not to allow their children to use a motorised vehicle without a valid licence. Parents are requested to enforce dress code prescribed by the college to their children/ward.

Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ
email: principal@staloysius.edu.in
Phone: 0824-2449703
Fax:   0824- 2449705


Dr AM Narahari is an outstanding educationist and administrator and has the distinction of being appointed the first Registrar of St Aloysius College (Autonomous) by the management.

Over his 35+ year association with the college, his vast experience in higher education has helped him being recognized as an outstanding educationist who has immensely contributed for qualitative higher education and is a great asset to the College. Students remember him as a committed teacher, humble and honest, reliable and principled, kind hearted and a friendly human being.

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Finance Office

Rev Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ is the finance office of the college. Known for his wit and insightful nature, Fr Pradeep was the former Rector of St Joseph's, Bangalore, former Rector of St Joseph's seminary in Mangalore and the former Finance office at Aloysius Institute of Management & Information Technology (AIMIT).


Rev Dr Leo D'Souza SJ
(Laboratory of Applied Biology)

Rev Fr Denzil Lobo SJ (AIMIT)

Fr Pradeep Anthony (Arrupe Block)

Rev. Dr Oswald Mascarenhas SJ (Chairman, MBA)

Dr Alwyn D'Sa (ADmin Block)

Dr. Richard A. Gonsalves (LCRI Block)

Dr Loveena Lobo (Maffei Block)

Prof John E D'Silva (Xavier Block)

Rev Dr Melwyn Pinto (Sarang)

Rev. Fr John Lang Bosco SJ (Hostel)

Rev Fr Pradeep Anthony SJ
(Girls Hostel)

Rev. Fr Balaraju SJ (AIMIT Hostel)