Diversity at St Aloysius

St Aloysius College is one of the most diverse colleges, not just in the region, but also in the country. Our dedication to diversity helps us ensure that the college resembles a great intellectual community, and with every incoming student, regardless of their geographic, religious and socioeconomic background, feel they belong in this college. The college is situated in a diverse cultural milieu. In fact, the coastal belt is historically known for its vibrant diversity in all aspects of its cultural life and practices.

The college attracts students from within the state and also from outside the state. The total number is almost reaching 6000. In the past 10 years, international students also have chosen the college for their studies. The number is steadily increasing every year. The college culture presents a well diversified picture: 

  • Geographic Diversity: Our students come from all states of India, plus other countries around the world. Approximately half the students are from outside Karnataka with Kerala, Goa, Andhra, Maharashtra and Northeastern states forming the bulk of our non-Karnataka students.
  • Religious Diversity: Though we are a Catholic institution we follow Christ's path of loving and respecting all human beings. The college presents a healthy mix of multi religious diversity with year-round celebrations of Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Onam, Ugadi and Northeastern Festivals.
  • Socioeconomic Diversity:  At St Aloysius College, a sizable percent of students receive need-based financial aid through scholarships and midday meal schemes. The idea is to encourage those students of the social strata that have experienced prejudice and disadvantage and continue to give special importance to their inclusion within our student body.

Diversity within a college helps students perform better academically. St Aloysius College's emphasis on diversity and inclusion help our students reap greater professional success in the long run than peers from homogeneous learning environments. This is fostered through various cultural, academic and special interest clubs for students to participate throughout their time in this college.

 Our management, staff and students learn to appreciate and rejoice in the beauty of our differences while showing appreciation for the multicultural, multilingual nature of our world.