139 years of Service

Established in 1880, St Aloysius College prides itself in its history of 139 years. Thousands of students who have passed through the portals of this institution have rendered outstanding service to humankind not only in India but across the globe. 

Despite its status as a minority institution, the college has imparted high quality education to all sections of society regardless of caste, colour or creed. The motto of the college, “Lucet et Ardet” which means “shine to enkindle” has inspired countless students to become men and women with and for others and thus bring light and joy into the lives of people. 

It is for this reason that Jesuit education has become a touchstone for evolving new paradigms in higher education. The focus of Jesuit education has always been and will ever continue to be academic excellence and development of the integral personality of the students. 

To put it succinctly, the aim of Jesuit education is to form citizens imbued with competence, conscience, compassion and commitment, who, in turn, reach out to the weaker and marginalized sections of humanity empowering them to enhance their quality of life and contribute to nation building.

The Vision and the Mission of the college lays thrust on social consciousness. Only a compassionate and empathetic person can be instrumental in the inclusive development of the society. In this direction, the social extension activities undertaken by the college deserve a special mention. The college has created a separate Centre for Social Concern (CSC), which regulates, monitors and promotes social empowerment activities.